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Dr.Shaw has helped me so much with my Asthma. Even though I had moved out of the area over 200 miles away, I will travel the distance to see her any chance I get. I have been going to chiropractors all my life, but none can do half as good a job as Dr. Shaw. Believe me it is well worth the trip.
-Susan W.

For two years my wife had been bugging me to see Dr. Shaw. My stomach was killing me. No matter what I tried, I was miserable. I didn't realize how grouchy I was until Dr. Shaw took away my pain and I noticed I could laugh at jokes again. I owe my better half big time and it's worth it. I would recommend Dr. Shaw to anyone.
-Jay K.

My doctor told me that there was nothing that could be done for my herniated disc. A bowling buddy of mine said Dr. Shaw had helped with his disc problem and told me I had to go see her. In only 6 visits my back pain completely disappeared. My son goes too so that he won't develop back problems in the future.

-Thomas D.
Recently, I developed diabetes. I noticed I was getting poor circulation in my feet and they would burn when I walked. I was scared that I was going to end up in a wheelchair. Dr. Shaw has improved my circulation and taught me many ways to have better balance. I'm thrilled because I have started fishing again and my diabetes is under control.
- James H.
Before I saw Dr. Shaw I had not had my cycle in four months, my husband and I had been trying to have children with no success. By my third treatment my cycle started again. With Dr. Shaw's help we were finally able to have a beautiful baby girl. Thank you Dr. Shaw!!
- Donna T.
Dr. Shaw is the first doctor to figure out how to fix my wrist problem. She is a great listener and an effective healer. My coworkers were amazed at how fast I could type again.
- Suzie M.
Ahhh! I can finally climb up into my rig again. I drive big rigs for a living and because my upper back pain was so bad I couldn't even get in my truck. After just a few treatments with Dr. Shaw I was back on the road again making money to support my family. Thanks a million Dr. Shaw!
- Jeff W.
For years I had ankle pain. I was faced with either surgery or not being able to keep up with my daughter. I can't believe I waited so long. After one month of Chiropractic adjustments my ankle is now pain free, and I have regained 70% of my normal motion. Now I can spend time with my daughter again.
- Scott T.
I was recently diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and my only option was to allow my finger to cripple. A friend of mine mentioned Dr. Shaw and how gentle she is. After two weeks the swelling and redness were gone from my knuckles. I look forward to my treatments knowing how much better I am going to feel.
- Carol S.
I hesitated for a long time before choosing who to go to. I had been to other doctors before, but Dr. Shaw is very different. Her technique is pure magic and my jaw feels so much better now that I have been coming to see her. She has really helped me a lot. Thanks for the wonderful results! I am thrilled that a friend of mine told me about you!
- Emma A.
I just want to say that I am impressed with Dr. Shaw. My shoulder has been a problem for years and it stopped me from playing with my son. After a few sessions, the pain is completely gone and my son has his father back.
- John C.
I just want to say that I am impressed with Dr. Shaw. My shoulder has been a problem for years and it stopped me from playing with my son. After a few sessions, the pain is completely gone and my son has his father back.
- Dr. R.A. Zuger

"Anxiety attacks caused me to scream in my sleep every night. I had trouble getting through work and was completely exhausted. My doctor recommended prescription medication, but it made me feel trapped. Regular Chiropractic care worked when nothing else did. I'm able to function and I'm no longer fighting to stay awake at work. Thank you for helping me re-gain control of my life."
- Jessica B.

A great ride with my horses sets the tone for a great day. After years of nagging back pain, I finally met with Dr. Shaw. Through her gentle touch she worked the pain away. She has also taught me proper stretching techniques to help avoid re-injury. As a result, I can enjoy more time in the saddle.
- Julie D.

Animal Chiropractic

Think Chiropractic is only for people? Think again!

Our furry friends have nerves too! Chiropractic has been proven to be a healthy, all-natural alternative to expensive surgeries or even putting down your furry friends. It helps with circulation, muscle strength and flexibility, as well as improving performance and agility.

Help your companion creature live longer and happier!

Dr. Peaches asks, "Would you like to help
rescue endangered species?"

Your donation CAN help! Please click the link below

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